Make Windows Xp Genuine Forever 100% gurantee

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Make Windows Xp Genuine Forever 100% gurantee

Post  Cyberarmy on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:48 am

here your copy of windows Xp is? non genuine.Click on the link below:

Genuine Microsoft Software

Step 2:On the right hand side you will find two options named “Validate Windows” and “Validate Office” Click on validate windows.

Two options-click on validate windows

Step 3:You will find a pop up which will state”Did you notice the information Bar”Just tick mark the don’t show this message again box and click on Ok.

Step 5:On the top of your browser you will see the information bar where you will find the following text written”This site might require following ActiveX control…….”Click on the information bar and then click on install ActiveX control

Step 6:Another pop up box will appear asking you whether you want to install this software.Click on Install.

Step 7:Now it will tell you that you are a victim of software counterfeit,this means that your copy is pirated.If it doesn’t then your windows copy is already genuine.

1 simple step to make it genuine.

Download this file from rapidshare.It makes minute changes in the registry so that your windows xp becomes genuine.

Heres the link:

Run the file.It will ask you for a confirmation regarding whetjer you want to run it or not.Click on yes.

Now try all I told you i.e about how to validate your xp.After validating I bet that it wont tell you that your copy of x is pirated.It’s gonna congratulate you.

Try installing Wmp 11,Ie 7 or 8…..trying updating your Xp………..You are a free bird.Congrats!!!!

You have now got a Genuine xp.

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