Real Secret to Bypass Paypal Security Measures

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Real Secret to Bypass Paypal Security Measures

Post  Cyberarmy on Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:34 am

If you find a paypal is with Security Measures which means :-

Paypal will ask you to enter Credit Card Number or Bank account number of the accounts with Paypal to allow access to the Recent transactions etc :3:

But all is not lost my friends

You can Bypass this screen and send money to any Paypal account , just get another PP ready and Verified and you are good to go :1:

Ok here how it works;-

Once you login and come across the security Measures Screen :-

1) there is a link on the Top - Right corner of the ****** ****d " Help" Click that

2) Voila Now you can see the Send, Withdraw Tabls etc

3) Just put the PP email and start sending Cash :12:

***This will not work if the account is limited , it will show account limited on top of the send money where you have to enter the email , i this is the case the account is useless*** :17:
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