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1. Respect all members
Do not flame other members, take fights/arguments in e-mail/pm or
contact the Moderators.
Everyone has a right to have their own opinions. Criticism is okay,
scolding or flaming is not.

2. The following will not
be tolerated in any way:
Attacks toward ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientations, religions or
other affiliations.
Being a part of a said group does not make one exempt from this rule.
Trolling, flamming or posting with no intention other than eliciting
angry responses.
Posts soliciting business, advertising websites, or utilizing the board
for political purposes

3. Do not make more than
one account

4. Respect all staff
members and their decisions

5. Do not encourage others
to break any of the rules

6. Make sure you have a
decent firewall and anti-virus when downloading applications

7. Do not post a new topic
directed at a certain member.
Use the private message system for all private conversations.

8. Please check links when
posting uploaded content
All links should be working at time of post.
Also, please post a short description and if possible, a screenshot.

9. If your are posting a link which leads outside of the forum you need
to CODE link CODE .

10. Use Thanks Button If You Like The Post.If you post only thank you
this is considered spam and you could be banned.


1. Do not ask stupid

2. Do not demand

3. Help requests that
aren't posted in the Helpdesk section will be deleted without notice


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