Dxt´s SANA public Draw3D SA

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Dxt´s SANA public Draw3D SA

Post  Cyberarmy on Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:49 am

be sure you have installed net.framework 4.0 ! and run the injector as admin and that the exe and ini is in C: folder!

- AFK walk
- Credits
- Time
- Close Game
- Color Tool
- Crosshair
- Fps + Time / visible
- Chat Spamer
- Player Glow
- Wireframe

* > work
* > don t work
* > work only in lobby

How to use:
VERY IMPORTANT! put the SANAmenue.exe and conf.ini in C: folder!!!
1. take the SANApub.dll in any injector you want (injector run as admin!) and inject it in suddenattack NA!
2. then a message pob up > press OK
3. in the background you can see a black CMD windows > DONT CLOSE THIS! (it will autoclose!)
4. then there is :

put any spam text in it what you like and press add
5. now if you are ingame press INSER to show the menue
6. with arrow keys you can navigate it!
7. with DELET you can kill the menue

download :
mediafire.com ?wx7kz1w9l708h0l

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